For schools

Interactive dance performances for schools presented in the morning, with the pos-sibility of an additional movement workshop directly in your school:

Barbora Látalová, Tereza Říčanová: Goats Horsing Around (ages 5+)

Barbora Látalová, Zdenka Brungot Svíteková: Dance and Physics. Fg = G [(m1m2)/r2] (ages 6+)

Florent Golfier, Lukáš Karásek / tYhle: Higher (ages 5+)

Barbora Látalová and coll.: Animal Carnival (ages 5 – 12)

Mirka Eliášová and coll.: World of Paper (ages 5 – 12)

Mirka Eliášová and coll.: Momo (ages 8 – 15)

For pupils of the second level of elementary school and students of secondary schools, we present in the mornings productions from the PONEC Theatre repertoire that appeal to young audiences. We have a special offer for teachers this year: you can choose the performances that you would like to visit with your pupils or students and we will present them dur-ing the school year in the morning.

If you would first like to see them in advance, we will invite you to attend the evening performances. Information and reservations: Radmila Krásenská E-mail:

Are you interested in a workshop connected to the performance directly in your school? In order to allow the children to come into close contact with the artists, we offer thematic movement workshops directly in schools (kindergartens and elementary schools). Creative work with children leads to a deeper perception and understanding of the benefits of art. The workshops are led by professional artists from the perfor-mances and are implemented directly in the classroom, gym or other suitable school premises. They can be held before or after the performances and introduce children to the creative and movement principles behind the work. Length of workshops: 45 min Price: CZK 50 / pupil Information and reservations: Rosette Kadlecová E-mail:

Dance for Schools – bringing more movement and creativity to schools! Dance for Schools is an art-educational project that we have been engaged in for more than 12 years with the idea that dance and movement have a unique place in a child’s education. Dance for Schools brings creative movement lessons to schools within the complementary educational field dance and movement education designed for primary and secondary schools.