Žižkov, often referred to as Prague's Montmartre, is a place with a rich cultural diversity and genius loci. Every year, the multi-genre Žižkovské mezidvorky festival opens up interesting corners of the neighbourhood that are not normally accessible to the public or that passers-by would not think to visit.

We invite you to the neighbouring Krenovka, which will offer an afternoon full of dancing, music, activities for children, good food and drink. This year's program offers a diverse range of activities that will entertain visitors of all ages. Additionally, you can anticipate a movement segment directed by the PONEC Theatre.

Admission to the entire event is free.



13:00 | Ceremonial opening of the Žižkov Highline
13:30 | Priamo čaro - concert
14:00 | Artwork with Adina and Barbora Dayef's pottery workshop
15:00 - 16:00 | Public presentations of PONEC Theatre activities | Krenovka - val


Sample presentation of Movement-Voice Workshops for Older People and Seniors entitled "I have a window". The presentation will take place under the guidance of instructors Cécile Da Costa and Lenka Kniha Bartůňková.

I have a window. Do you have a window?
What to do if you have a window?
Option A: Get some fresh air.
Option B: Have a coffee. One more.
Option C: Whatever. It wasn't important anyway.


Join us as we embark on a journey to explore new worlds nestled among stones, walls, houses, fences, sun rays, and flower pollen. Children from the older groups of the Children’s Studio will dance tastes, smells, colours and the shapes of thoughts and emotions to the harmonious melodies of trains and trombones under the expert guidance of Jana Látalová and Václav Kalivoda

Lessons in the Children’s Studio take place in the PONEC Theatre from October to May under the guidance of professional dance instructors and musicians and focus primarily on creative personality development.

The presentations will unfold sequentially, allowing viewers to observe them from the embankment located behind the Krenovka building. Access to the embankment is available via the Žižkov Highline, Krenovka / Unijazz Reading Room, or by walking from Prague's Main Railway Station / Viktoria Žižkov.


16:30 - 17:15 | Dance Play Dance Workshop (Yana Reutova UA/CZ) | Studio Krenovka

We invite all children aged 6-12 years to join us in a playful movement studio. Through games, dance exercises, and observation of our environment, we will explore ourselves and our capabilities. Together, we'll jump, run, improvise, fall, crawl, and spin, culminating in the creation of a small choreography that will reflect the imprint of our collective imagination.

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17:30 | Miñtenkér - concert