Unity in Motion (UA): Let The Body Speak / Together Alone I - Lost

Yana Reutova & coll.

Together Alone I - Lost


Yana Reutova (UA/CZ)


Nika Horiacha (UA) , Olena Korotkova (UA/CZ), Anastasiia Pavlovska (UA/CZ), Yana Reutova (UA/CZ), Valeriia Tsvirkunova (UA/CZ)


Pavel Kotlík (CZ)


Balaklava Blues (CA/UA), Tomáš Kerle (CZ)


Anton Ovchinnikov (UA)


Olesa Usata (UA)


20 min


version 1: 20. 1. 2023 PONEC - dance venue,  new version pre-premiere: 21. 7. 2023 Cortona, Kilowatt festival (IT), official premiere 30. 9. 2023 PONEC - dance venue


Soňa Rizmanová (CZ)


Tanec Praha / PONEC - divadlo pro tanec


Krenovka, SUDOP Real, Aerowaves and Yvona Kreuzmannová & the whole Tanec Praha team

With the financial  support of: Tanec Praha / PONEC - dance venue, City of Prague, Czech Ministry of Culture, National Recovery Fund, NextGenerationEU, Krenovka, SUDOP REAL





The project was implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.​

Composed evening of Ukrainian artists on the occasion of the Atelier EDN - European Dance Development Network:

Let The Body Speak - film excerpts
Yana Reutova: Together Alone I - Lost


Let The Body Speak - film excerpts

The first part of the evening will be dedicated to the work of artists who have stayed in Ukraine. Thanks to the support of the British Council, a 'digital hub' showcasing their work has been created on the website of The Place Theatre in London. Based on an expert selection, several film excerpts accompanied by specific commentaries will be presented. At the end of the evening you can look forward to a discussion and Q&A on the works viewed and the context of the work. 

Yana Reutova: Together Alone I - Lost

The second part of the evening will be dedicated to the work of women artists who have moved their life and work to the Czech Republic. Together Alone is a triptych, a reflection of the author's chance encounters with various artists during two years in Prague. She created its first part Lost with 4 other dancers from Ukraine who fled to the EU.

How to cope with the heavy feeling of loneliness? How to explain it? And why is it sometimes strongest when we are surrounded by people? Even when we are together, in the end we are each on our own in life.

Their stories are different, but they have one thing in common: they all fled from an occupied country and are confronted daily with the trauma, uncertainty and fear that comes with being a refugee in a foreign land. They are kept above water by their creativity, the ability to create and the opportunity to find a new community - an artistic family.

Five Ukrainian dancers, torn from their homes, are here and now. Each for herself and yet together.

Lost presents the work of more Ukrainian artists. It is inspired by Anton Ovchinnikov's verses written during the war in Kyiv and the music of the Canadian-based Ukrainian radical anti-Putin band Balaklava Blues. Czech musician Tomáš Kerle took care of fine-tuning the sound atmosphere.




Yana Reutova worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher in the Odessa region. In 2014 she founded Dance Theatre Plastilin and created several performances receiving some awards. She organized the Dance Platform Most festival (5 years) and worked a lot with children (Creative Kids project) and her students. After that she started the Speaking with the Body festival, which took place only once.

In March 2022, she took her daughter and several students and fled from the war to Prague, where she now works. She danced in projects by Anna Källblad, Nicole Beutler, Flávie Tápias and POCKETART. In addition, she leads workshops for children and develops her own creative work with various artists. As part of a project for children of Ukrainian refugees, she created the interactive performances "On the Road" and "Time of Childhood." On 30 September 2023, she premiered the triptych "Together Alone" with dancers from Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Burkina Faso.

The triptych concept "Together Alone" succeeded in the European competition within the first EFFEA Open Call www.effea.eu and was one of the 40 supported projects.