FOR CHILDREN 5+        Family friendly

Authors and Performers

Florent Golfier, Lukáš Karásek

Dramaturgical cooperation

Marek Menšík

Set design

Marie Gourdain

Light design

Zuzana Režná


Matouš Hejl

Technical cooperation

Šimon Janíček, Jakub Ryvola

Acrobatic Collaboration

Stephanie N'Duhirahe



Special thanks to

Pierre Nadaud

Thanks to

Eliška Brtnická, Prokop Vondruška, Dominique Rebaud, Petra Kateřina Bučková


35 minut

Two performers versus one strange object with rungs and stringers.

We imagine world as a place where everyone has his own ladder, steps and it depends on each of us, how far we can get.

Physical theatre with pair of performers Florent Golfier and Lukáš Karásek (tYhle) and two strange objects with rungs and stringers. They try to the top, but the outcome is uncertain: they chase after the vague possibility that it will be better up there, their

movements more relaxed and their minds freer. The biggest obstacles are gravity and the foolish spontaneity of both characters. What can we do by ourselves and where do we need help and cooperation? And when can the collaborator become an obstacle on our way in achieving the goal? A goal, that …. exist? if you’re going to reach higher, then at least by the most convoluted route possible!


Photo: Michal Ureš
Photo: Michal Ureš
Photo: Michal Ureš
Photo: Michal Ureš