Dreaming of Božena

Jana Drdácká


Concept, screenplay:

Jana Drdácká 

Choreography, performance:

Jana Drdácká, Michal Heriban 


Beata Hlavenková 

Video projection:

Vojtěch Kopecký 


Lukáš Brinda


Robert Schernstein


Stanislav Kohútek / Kamil Ďurana 


Silva Morasten


Mateo Garriga / Michael Cába 

Actress in projections:

Zuzana Hodková 

Recitation of a poem Herbář k čemusi horšímu by Petr Borkovec:

Petr Fejk

video recordings of Božena Drdácká (1923-1954) - archive of Miloš Drdácký

The dance-theatre performance Dreaming of Božena experiments with the interweaving of various forms of dance and movement. The creator of the project, Jana Drdácká, has been a leading flamenco performer and promoter in the Czech Republic for over 20 years. Her latest project is based on the effort to find inspiration and connection of flamenco with other dance forms, especially with Moravian folkdance, expressive dance and contemporary modern dance. 

The thematic inspiration of the project was the life of her grandmother, who lived for over a hundred years and to whom she feels a spiritual and physical connection. The performance is a personal statement of a woman who embodies for the artist the basic themes of female nature, intimacy, role and strength. A kind of timeless moving picture gallery of a woman's destiny and soul. 

The performance is divided into chapters that correspond to the stages of life from childhood to death while bringing to life experiences from carefree joy to love, hope, pain, loss, humility and reconciliation. The content and mood are complemented by video projections and live music.