Contemporary dance lesson with Yana Reutova

International Dance Day


Yana Reutova

A former dancer, choreographer, teacher and since 2014 director of the Plastilin Dance Theatre in Chornomorsk, Ukraine, where she teaches contemporary and modern dance.

Her works include, e.g. City N, Theory of Awareness, Where It's Full, It's Empty, Fly, It's Impossible to Leave and Back to the Future. Together with her team, she has won awards at many international festivals and the Grand Prix of the MYSL-POTOK international choreography competition.

She organizes the Dance Platform Most festival, Speaking with the Body, the project for children Creative Kids and an evening of modern choreography called Crossroads. 

Partnerem akce jsou Česká centra.

Let's celebrate International Dance Day with a chance to help Ukraine!

By purchasing a ticket, you will help us support dance students from Ukraine.

In these times, it is harder to find the mood to celebrate, but dance can still bring a lot of joy and help. We believe in the healing power of art, so this year's International Dance Day program on Friday, 29 April focuses on helping people who fled from the war to Prague.

Choreographer and today also a lecturer and director of the Plastilin Dance Theatre in Chornomorsk Yana Reutova arrived in Prague on 8 March with her 7-year-old daughter and two 14-year-old students of dance Diana and Anna.

Since then, they have been participating in the PONEC Theatre program, attending lessons at the Duncan Centre Conservatory and by 420PEOPLE and Lenka Vagnerová & Company, and participating in the Theatre and Dance in Dormitories project for people who, like them, have fled Ukraine. Yana received a scholarship from the Czech Centres for three months, but 14-year-old students do not have this opportunity. Thanks to everyone who is helping!

You can meet Yana in person on 29 April at 19:00 at the PONEC Theatre, where he will hold a contemporary dance lesson for the public, also for beginners and people without any previous dance experience. By purchasing a ticket, you will help us support Anna and Diana in their lives in Prague.

As part of the International Dance Day program the lessons will be preceded by two showings of SILENT, an interactive audio performance for the body and mind in the public space by the Temporary Collective ensemble of Tereza Ondrová and Petra Tejnorová, in which the use of headphones, instructions in English and a series of voices create a unified landscape of thoughts and movement. It will take place on Václav Havel Square at 17:00 and 18:30. 

We look forward to dancing with you on International Dance Day!