was created by – director Petra Tejnorová, dancers and performers Jaro Viňarský, Tereza Ondrová and Nathan Jardin, stage designer Adriana Černá, sound designer Dominik Žižka, light designer Tomáš Morávek, producer Michal Somoš - in collaboration with philosopher Alice Koubová, dancer and choreography & directing assistant Matthew Rogers, graphic designer Jaromír Skácel, dramaturgical eye of Marta Ljubková and with You...


19. 11. 2018

A corporeal guide through presence, human relationships and other adventures

YOU ARE HERE - Is it possible to experience anything like a pure moment of presence? Or do we always carry our past, our prejudice, our plans and the culmination of our experience? Can we find the way in between the hectic production of meaning and the resignation to understand by perceiving?

The way to experience time of different sort, when we simply watch dance? And do you think you see what I see?

YOU ARE HERE is a surprising derailment "for presence" that changes one's perspective and sensitivity to the world around us. The audience, together with the dancers, experiences the joy of creation while embarking on a thrilling adventure in which prejudices about dance (and other things too) are forgotten.

Audience Award at Czech Dance Platform 2017

Coproducents: SKOK! o.z., Tanec Praha z.ú.