The Tantehorse ensemble is continuously engaged in the original creation of dance-movement, multigenre and documentary projects with a strong emphasis on current social issues. Its domain is an extension to other artistic genres (film, visual arts, performance art, installations and happenings), experimentation with form (e.g. site-specific dance variants, documentary escape games, linking storytelling and dance, lectures and performances) and an effort towards the permanent development and search for new means of expression in the contemporary theatre environment.


Miřenka Čechová is a performer, director and choreographer who creates original projects in the field of docu-dance, multimedia and cross-over. She has been experimenting for a long time with genre overlaps, engaged themes and autobiographical material, both in the role of director and performer. With the Tantehorse ensemble, she supports budding performers with the curated Emergency Dances series and long-term Tantelab labs. She is also the co-founder of the Spitfire Company and dramaturg of Laterna Magika.

Markéta Vacovská is a choreographer, dancer and performer. In the Czech Republic, she has collaborated with, for example, Divadlo Kolonie, Studio Hrdinů, the Tantehorse ensemble, Cirkus Mlejn, Cirkus TeTy and the Žongléros ensemble. She is a member of the Spitfire Company, with which she has created over a dozen productions as a performer or choreographer. She has received many Czech and foreign awards for the production of One Step Before the Fall. In 2020, she launched her devised project Separation, which arose from her need to talk about the harrowing topic of the loss of a child. In 2021, she received an award for exceptional performance and interpretation for the production at the Czech Dance Platform. The project was included in the broader nominations for the Thalia 2021 awards.



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