Adrienn Hód 

Created and performed by:

Martina Hajdyla, Soňa Ferienčíková


Ábris Gryllus 


Ármin Szabó-Székely

Movement cooperation:

Márcio Kerber Canabarro 

Visual cooperation:

Mária Júdová 


Lucia Škandíková 

Light design:

Tomáš Morávek 

Technical support:

Daniel Kozlík


Alice Krajčírová

Graphic design:

Yara Abu Aataya


Lucia Šimášková / BOD.Y ngo, Jiří Hajdyla / ME-SA, György Ujvári-Pintér / HODWORKS 

Executive production:

Romana Packová

Co-production partners: 

Tanec Praha z.ú. / PONEC - dance venue, Slovak Contemporary Dance Platform, Bratislava in Movement Association, OFF Foundation

Supported by:

Slovak Arts Council, International Visegrad Fund, City Council Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Fund of Culture Czech Rep.

Special thanks to: 

Csaba Molnár, Adam Czirák, Dano Raček, Petr Soukup, Mia Majeríková, Maker Keveš, Márk D. Molnár, Soňa Kúdeľová, Viera Farbiaková, Petr Goro Horký, Jenda Niesit, Mariana Novotná, Michal Šimečka, Agi Ferienčíková, Tatiana Lacová, Karol Laco, Lenka Sedláčková, Aneta Jiroušková, Adéla Jiroušková, Gideon Horváth.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


70 min


10.3. 2022, PONEC - the dance venue







Soft Spot is an experimental physical performance born out of cooperation between dancers Martina Hajdyla, Soňa Ferienčíková and choreographer Adrienn Hód. Through improvisation and a research of the physical body, they explored the relationship between body, personality and meaning. What do we perceive when we look at the human body? What does the face, the gesture, the posture, the movement tell us? How do we communicate through the body with others? Soft Spot plays with the blurring of human qualities, asks what defines us as humans, and looks for a hidden, sensitive “soft spot” in ourselves.

Soft Spot is a theatrical liturgy. It invites the audience deeper into the space. It erases distinction between the stage and the auditorium. Lights and music are ripping the specktators off the mundane and plunging them into the timeless - they dissolve contours of present reality.  

The focal point of Soft Spot is an immersive camouflage: a mask transforming what is human into a different kind of being; an elaborately assembled costume concealing yet also revealing in a disquieting way; and especially, a register of unpredictable body movements of plentiful qualities - movements which refuse to unveil or identify either of the two dancers. Movements carrying the touch of the other side.


The performance contains nudity and smoke.
Tickets purchased for the date 16.12. can also be used for the performance on 30.4. For more information, please contact us at:


"The experimental show Soft Spot (…) is a highly abstract piece, which denies the myth of the dance aesthetics and slightly immerses in the questions about the human body, personality traits and qualities, and the meaning of facial expressions and gestures."
Clara Zanga, Taneční aktuality, 25. 3. 2023


"SOFT SPOT (...) is undoubtedly one of the most elaborated projects on the current dance scene even though on the first sight you might think differently."
Lucie Kocourková, Operaplus, 18. 3.2022


"When Adrienn Hód, Hungary’s most successful contemporary dance export, promises an experimental show, one really doesn’t know what to expect: after all, for many years now she hasn’t done anything other than experiment with the boundaries of theatre, performance, personality and the human body."
Lena Megyeri, Springback Magazine, 8. 11. 2022



Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický