Ridina Ahmedová

An original singer with Czech, Sudanese and Russian-Jewish roots found after an initial jazz period a more authentic expression in free work with voice as a solo unassisted instrument. According to Ken Hunt of fROOTS Magazine, Ridina discovered a distinct category and is more a vocal artist than a singer.
She won the Next Wave award in the Discover of the Year category for her solo project Hlasokraj. In 2006 she released a solo CD entitled Hlasem (By Voice). Currently she performs either alone or in a duo with bassist Petr Tichý as HLASkontraBAS.
The HLASkontraBAS project was nominated for the Anděl Award 2016.
She has worked with many respected musicians (Tomáš Dvořák / Floex, Jan P. Muchow, Monika Načeva, Vladimír 518) and is the author or co-author of music for several mainly dance and movement performances (Life According to a Mayfly). She has contributed music to several films (Vaterland, Pusinky, Fimfárum 2). In 2008 she sang a joint improvisation with Bobby McFerrin.
Besides singing, she also leads voice workshops, in which she tries to show participants why singing is meaningful and enriching even without making an aesthetic assessment of the result.