PONEC ONLINE: What is the weight of your desire?

VerTeDance & ZRNÍ

Koncept, choreography, performing:

Veronika Knytlová, Tereza Ondrová, Helena Arenbergerová, Lucia Kašiarová

Movement co-operation:

Peter Jaško

Dramaturgical co-operation:

Petra Tejnorová

Assistand director:

Lukáš Jiřička


kapela ZRNÍ

Light design: 

Pavel Kotlík

Stage and costume design:

Máša Černíková


Markéta Faustová


50 minut

Supported by:

Ministerstvo kultury, Magistrát hl.m.Prahy, Nadace Život Umělce, Metrostav a.s.


This Thursday you can travel to the past and watch one great piece from VerTeDance collective archive, which they created together with music band Zrní in 2011. Enjoy a dance experience from your home–theatre and don’t miss the unique opportunity to see performance awarded by Dance Piece of the Year 2012 and Dancer of the Year 2012 on the Czech Dance Platform! 

Link to the recording will be available on this website from 8pm to midnight.

If you want to see the movie in full screen mode, please open it in new window HERE and then click on the icon in the right corner at the bottom. 

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The fear of baring oneself with a clear cut.
The fascination with hidden beauty.
The fascination with the power of hypocrisy.
The effort to achieve satisfaction where there is no bottom.

What is the weight of your desire? What can be measured and seen and what can only be experienced?
To bare yourself, to denude, to undress, to reveal your emotions, to touch your own body, to get close to the core of yourself. Which of these is really dangerous and risky?

What Is the Weight of Your Desire? treats on the question whether by denuding ourselves we truly expose who we are, our soul and our desires. And, also, whether nudity is a necessary means of genuine self-exposure, at all. The border of our identity encircles everything that may be called intimate, fear, desire or vulnerability. The very same border proves that nudity becomes an issue also in moments when we don’t see it. Is it safe to get closer to this border in order to explore it? The terrain surrounding it is changeable, dangerous and tricky. It is an unavoidable thing to enter the territory but watch out! When you return, you’ll never be the same again.