Open Call for an intensive weekend workshop with Monica Gillette IN FOCUS on September 2 and 3 for dance professionals, representatives of creative teams from the Czech Republic.

In this workshop we will explore dramaturgical practices in response to the needs, requests and proposals of the participants. It will be a collective practice built up in real time and in dialogue with the specific examples brought forward by the participants. Possible proposals can be physical material from a creation process, a concept in development for an application, a curation practice, a research design for a project, etc. You are free to propose what you want to focus on with a dramaturgical lens. So that a variety of proposals can be experienced, we invite you to apply for the workshop with a few sentences about 1) your main question, material or topic you would like to focus on and 2) what you are interested to discover about your proposal in the workshop. Each proposal will have around two to three hours to be explored. You are welcome to apply individually or as a duo. Six to eight people will be selected, depending on the types of proposals received. 


Monica Gillette is a dramaturg, choreographer and facilitator with expertise in participatory projects, artist driven networks and multigenerational cultural exchange. She accompanies several European funded projects – Migrant Bodies - Moving Borders (2017-2019), Empowering Dance (2018-2023), Dancing Museums - The Democracy of Beings (2020-2021) and Dance Well (2022-2025). She also dramaturgically collaborates with several artists, including Yasmeen Godder Company and the Practicing Empathy project, as well as Emi Miyoshi/Shibui Collective, Mia Habib Productions and Temporary Collective. 


Monica Gillette: My practice

“My own personal approach to dramaturgy is one of accompaniment and relationship building – both human relations and the relationship between ideas, values, desires and context. I engage in active listening skills developed through years of embodied practice and search for a collaborative process that builds up vocabulary organic to each individual proposal. In the workshop I will draw upon tools developed with individual artists in creation periods, as well as long term project accompaniment where I also held the role of facilitator to support the movement of ideas and identification of content and themes.” 


The workshops will take place in Studio Krenovka from 10:00 to 17:00 with a break for lunch.

Workshop fee: 400 CZK

Workshops will be held in English.

Interested participants are kindly requested to fill in the FORM - application form by 14 August 2023.




Workshops are financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, National Plan of Recovery.