Family-friendly show. Children aged 12 and older are especially welcome.

Concept and choreography

Věra Ondrašíková

Light design

Dan Gregor

Software architect & Live Programming 

Michal Rydlo


Filip Míšek


Jaro Ondruš, Josef Kotěšovský


Marta Ljubková


Hana Frišonsová


Lucie Špačková, Tomáš Grúz

Supported by

PONEC – divadlo pro tanec, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Magistrát Hl. města Prahy, AV MEDIA-technologický partner představení, Nethemba, DAMU, RPiShop, Czech Centres,

Thanks to

Jaroslav Kovář, Jiří Bydžovský, Robert Russel, Radoslava & Petr Ondrašíkovi


45 min


3.12. 2015


Please note that the performance contains strobes, hazer and increased sound levels.

What if one day we could look back at our life – would there be things we might want to do differently? Would we be able to avoid what we now see as mistakes? If we could ask for advice, what questions would we have? An audio-visual piece in which back then and now become one.

The performance received 3 prestigious awards at Czech Dance Platform 2016: the Audience Award, the Award for light design and the Award Dancer of the Year for Jaro Ondruš.

The performance was selected for Aerowaves Twenty17 and presented in Spring Forward 2017 in Aarhus (Denmark). Aerowaves twenty17 presents every year twenty most promising emerging choreographers in Europe. The performance was presented at One Dance Week festival in Plovdiv, SIDance Festival in Soul, V4 Dance Festival in New York and New Orleans, Israel Festival in Jerusalem, Birmingham International Dance Festival, UNIDRAM Festival in Potsdam etc.



"Unlike any other piece, Guide is extremely intelligent, loaded with dynamics and action in its work with optical light illusion. A mystical message concocted of sci-fi technology and hermetic references." - Nina Vangeli



"GUIDE, speaks of a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives:  what would we do differently if we knew then what we know now.  What would we change? In this case, the knowledge comes from a vision of ourselves in the future, guided by someone who is looking back in time. The work is beautifully done, with pristine lighting effects and a magical precision of movement." - Laura Kumin (Director, Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid)

"I thought it was very interesting, I have not seen anything like that before, they were playing with my eyes, which I always enjoy, and it was very inventive. I personally like to see an old body on the stage and I think  this body has a lot of embodied knowledge that is accessible to us almost immediately just by standing there." - Bush Hartshorn