Dance for Schools Seminar


28 May 2022 10:00 - 17.00


PONEC - the dance venue



CZK 800 /students: CZK 600 



Tanec Praha z.ú. invites you to an educational and creative seminar for dance instructors working with children, art school teachers and primary school teachers, as well as students of relevant fields interested in working with children.
The seminar is part of the Dance for Schools project, which since 2006 has been bringing creative physical education to children in schools, which schools can include, for example, in the supplementary course Dance and Movement Education (DME). The seminars do not ensure the qualification of DME instructors but focus primarily on additional knowledge and new inspirations that can enrich teaching and creative work in general in a larger group of children.

The 11th seminar will be led by dance therapist Klára Čížková, who will present the possibilities of using elements of dance therapy in creative work with children. During the seminar, participants can learn and try out the basic possibilities of anchoring and working with the body and creative movement, as they are used in dance movement therapy, with overlap with dance instruction.


What you will learn at the seminar: 

  • Ways of anchoring the body and creating safety offered by work with the body and movement
  • Basic principles of dance and movement therapy
  • How to use these principles of work in self-care, movement preferences and resources in the body
  • Applying dance and movement therapy in working with crisis and trauma
  • We will be happy to introduce the Dance for Schools program in the form of a demonstration lesson


Klára Čížková

Klára Čížková is a dance therapist and psychologist who works at the Roseta Comprehensive Care Centre, where she deals with clients with psychosomatic difficulties and leads group therapy programs. She uses dynamic deep-oriented psychotherapy in connection with dance movement therapy, works with dreams and movement imagination anchored in the body. In addition, she focuses on the connection between dance movement therapy and ecotherapy in nature. She is the director of the Moving Self Institute platform, where she teaches dance movement therapy in a training program.