Concept, choreography:

Natálie Vacková

Concept, dramaturgy:

Jana Stárková

Scenographic research and consultation:

Daria Gosteva


Josefína Holcová

Light design, scenography:

Judita Mejstříková


Oliver Torr, David Herzig

Sound technician:

David Herzig

Created and performed by:

Jan Štrachal, Jana Maroušková a Anna Kroupová


Natálie Vacková, Dočasná Company, z. s.


Tanec Praha z.ú. / PONEC - dance venue


Albina Khanipova 


Adrian Šírek 

Supported by:

MKČR, MHMP, Státní fond kultury


Švestkový dvůr, z. s., Výměník1 z.s.


45 min


October 30, 2023, Praha




The project was implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.​

"Earth is neither an inexhaustible wilderness nor a spaceship." – Erazim Kohák, Green halo: Chapters from ecological ethics


Temperatures are increasing, ecosystems are disappearing, water levels are rising. We live on ecological debt. Is there a way back? What have we already irretrievably lost by our actions? Climatic grief as a source of both anxiety and hope. How can each of us deal with this situation? Do we still have something to talk about, or have we drifted so far apart that we are becoming radioactive to ourselves?

Callin' Gaia is a movement-sound conversation between three performers and our planet Earth, dedicated to the topic of the present time – the Anthropocene.


Gaia is a speculative theory, assuming that our planet is a superorganism capable of self-regulation by the organisms living on it, and that the destructive effects of the Anthropocene period are only its response to human actions.

Gaia is also a mythological figure. The goddess of the earth and the Earth itself, the origin of the creation of all living beings. 

Callin' Gaia as an intimate conversation with Mother Earth. Callin' Gaia as a cry for help.


After the performance, the creators prepared a 30-minute laboratory for you focused on the specific work with sound used during the production. Musician, producer, performer and sound designer David Herzig, who you may know from the band Bert & Friends, will explain how sound works during a performance, what sine waves are, and how you can use them to create a musical composition by moving in space. Subsequently, you will be able to test your knowledge in practice.


The performance is dedicated to our friend, colleague and artist Natálka Podešvová.



Foto: Adrian Šírek
Foto: Adrian Šírek
Foto: Adrian Šírek
Foto: Adrian Šírek