Bride for Dan, SZ2

The evenings of HAMU students

  • Bride for Dan


David Mikula


Bedřich Smetana / Michal Doubek

Under the guidance of

MgA. Lucie Holánková


  • SZ

Project, choreography, performers

Barbora Rokoszová a Eduard Adam Orszulik


Tereza Richterová

Light design

Pavel Vitt


Ondřej Pavlica


MOVE Ostrava a Kulturní centrum Cooltour Ostrava


Jan Kodet


 40 minut

Bride for Dan

My Bachelor thesis Bride for Dan (Prodaná nevěsta-Bartered Bride a Nevěsta pro Dana-Bride for Dan is a pun in Czech language) is dedicated to my brother, also called Dan. It is to be understood not only as an expression of brotherly love but also as a thank you for all the gifts he has ever created thanks to his extraordinary woodworking skills. Dan is not only a talented carpenter, he is also a remarkable artist - drummer. Untraditional interconnection of selected melodies from Bedřich Smetana’s The Bartered Bride, a fictitious story dealing with three brides and ironical remarks of a canny Principal, create an unusual story. All of this is realized through folklore representation and results into fascinating combination of various styles.


This is an autobiographical dance project telling a story of two people who have found their way to art, even though they were born in Bohumín, and whose art made it to Prague.

Who is Barbora and Adam? Where is Bohumín? What is art? Why to Prague? We are bringing answers to all vital questions you were simply afraid to ask, perhaps even to ask yourself. And these questions might change your life.


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