Babel. The resonance of language

Bartosz Ostrowski


koncept & performance:

Bartosz Ostrowski


Alina Ruiz Folini, Romain Beltrão Teule

light design:

Zuzana Režná


Espaço Alkantara Lisboa, Sinara Suzin, Companhia Olga Roriz, Daniel Pizamiglio, Florent Golfier, AINO, Zuzanna Berendt & Anna Majewska (Pracowania Kuratorska), prof. dr. Barbara Mertins, dr. hab. Joanna Pędzisz, students of psycholinguistics laboratories in TU Dortmund and Aleksandra & Zdzisław Ostrowscy


Jakub Wittchen


The performance is part of the evenings devoted to thematic choreographies exploring speech and language: Wrestling with Language and Babel. The resonance of language. During both evenings, it will be possible to see an exhibition documenting the process of their creation in the foyer of the theater. The performance will be followed by a discussion with the authors and visual artist Suzanne Kass. Tickets can be purchased separately or as a package with a 30% discount.

How do you know that you know a language?
Em que momento se sabe que se conhece uma língua?
How do you recognise it in you?
Does it become in your body as a new sense?

This lecture performance is a choreographic experimentation on the physical features of speech. It derives from a hypothesis that: each learnt language reveals a new structure within the body (…) or rather that by learning a language each person creates their own new anatomy (…) What are actually the power relations when encountering new linguistic reality within and around you?


Before you say anything. Before you articulate your thoughts with words. Before you formulate it into speech, a phrase, a chain of words. Before the “before” emerges as a “before”. Before all that, your body initiatives a quaint mode of preparedness. It causes slight vibrations in particular parts of your physical being. It activates an inner structure, located, perceptible and sensing in a similar manner as your neural, circulatory or endocrine system. I would say: “It activates the anatomical configuration of a language”. And depending what language you want to speak - the shape of this structure within your body differs.

The research project “Babel. The resonance of language” starts from a hypothesis that each language has different resonant points in the body,Those places get activated while speaking, thinking, listening or reading in a given language. Their activity causes different perception of one’sphysical presence.I speculate that: That through each language one operates on different frequencies of communication. That different linguistic structures allows naming the reality with specific peculiarity.
The lecture performance “bbl.rêssonância da linguagem” is second, after researching French, performative work of the cycle, in which the author examines the Portuguese language.