Zdenka Brungot Svíteková

I work internationally as a free lanced dancer, performer, researcher, dance maker and educator/facilitator. The work is anchored in movement research fuelled by a deep interest in the body. I see the body as a field of enquiry and deep knowledge; as a teacher, mediator, and information conveyor. One of the leading concerns in my practice is to create and to cultivate space for a personal, embodied expression. It has been influenced by somatic practices and post-modern approaches in dance.

My artistic and choreographic work takes the form of performances set in and for various spaces such as theatres, galleries, public or natural spaces. It is bound together by long term interests including memory, touch, compositional practices, process and the nature of collaboration, which I deeply enjoy. These collaborations have so far included dance artists, musicians, composers, visual artists and scientists. (chiens naufragés, geste-action, HAZARD ZONE, Sentinelle G / Tekto party, a.o.)

My own approach is interdisciplinary, looking at a subject matter from various angles, drawing inspiration from natural sciences (physics and geology), psychology, philosophy, and communication/linguistics.

Since 2010 I have been in a close artistic dialogue with Barbora Látalová (Cz) and am one of the founding members of OSTRUŽINA z.s. as well as co-author of projects DIFFERENT?, souHra, Setkáme se v tanci, Tanec a Fyzika. I also collaborate with various dance organisations, Tanec Praha o.s. and Centre For Choreographic Development SE.S.TA a.o., often in frame of young audiences and mediation/transmission oriented activities.