Yana Reutova & coll.


A dancer, choreographer, teacher and since 2014 director of the former Plastilin Dance Theatre in Chornomorsk, Ukraine, where she taught contemporary and modern dance. Her works include, e.g. City N, Theory of Awareness, Where It's Full, It's Empty, Fly, It's Impossible to Leave and Back to the Future. Together with her team, she has won awards at many international festivals and the Grand Prix of the MYSL-POTOK international choreography competition. She organizes the Dance Platform Most festival, Speaking with the Body, the project for children Creative Kids and an evening of modern choreography called Crossroads. Since her arrival in Prague, she has been participating in the PONEC Theatre program, attending lessons with the 420PEOPLE and Lenka Vagnerová & Company ensembles and participating in the Theatre and Dance in Dormitories project. She has also received a scholarship from the Czech Centres.