Theatre Night 2020: One Night (short movie)


Tomáš Morávek, Katarína Morávek Ďuricová

direction and scenography:

Tomáš Morávek

filmed and edited by:

Dominik Žižka


Martin Tvrdý


Martin Bláha



technical realization:

Tomáš Morávek, Jan Tranta, Katarína Morávek Ďuricová, Filip Šamalík, Roman Světýlko Douda, Wowa Basjuk


Petra Hanzlíková 

The PONEC Theatre technical team has prepared an exciting tour for you. Discover the bowels of the theatre from home, whose comfort you will soon forget, as a theatre left without spectators at the mercy of the lockdown is an unpredictable place where paranormal events occur… You have never experienced such a tour of PONEC!

The somnambulant dreams of a lighting technician, parkour in the cellar, and the ghost of the theatre – all in one short film that you must not miss. You can watch the Theatre Night stream: 

on Facebook HERE
on YouTube HERE

 Our program kicks off at 3:15 p.m.! You can also watch the movie on our Facebook profile or this website, we will share it with you at 6pm.




photo: Kateřina Kaclíková
photo: Kateřina Kaclíková
photo: Kateřina Kaclíková
photo: Kateřina Kaclíková