Temporary Collective / T. Ondrová, P. Tejnorová and coll.

The work of the Temporary Collective platform comes out of impulses of an author duo - dancer Tereza Ondrová and director Petra Tejnorová. It has long been involved in participatory projects. The research and rehearsal of SILENT took place during pandemic lockdown in the form of distance tests with Tomáš Janypka, Helena Arenbergerová, Petra Hanzlíková and Katarína Morávek Ďuricová, focusing on immobility, observation and reflection of movement. In the second phase, as distance audio walks within the European project DANCING MUSEUMS and as audio-outdoor trainings for DAMU students. In the third phase, authors focus on polyphony - links to other choreographers from different locations and environment. Together they create an audio landscape for a group of spectators in public space. 

Tereza Ondrova ( CZ)

Dancer, choreographer, teacher, based in Prague. She always works in collective. Her poetics makes use of a constant search for confrontation and inclusion in the social and cultural fabric where her performances develop. Her artistic language is the result of the encounter between dance and irony.

Masako Matsushita (IT/JAP)

 - italian – japanese movement artist,  deals with movement analysis through research processes, choreographic projects, performative installations and social experiments. She creates structures and atmospheres in which to explore the presence of the body in time and space by activating sensorial perceptions and archiving methods, connecting culture and aesthetics, identity and tradition.

„The work I make acts through architecture of the space, starting from choreography  and deviating into visual art forms, textile and digital vs. nondigital approach.“

Ingvild Isaksen (NO)

Is a scenographer and dance-maker based in Lofoten, Norway. She mainly works with movement, scores, participation and senses as tools to investigate chosen surroundings.

Petra Hauerová (CZ)

Dancer, teacher, choreographer, researcher. She has created a number of works of art and movement. She collaborates with the studio "Sculpture, space, installation, conceptual tendencies" at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, teaches at the Duncan Center.

Sally E. Dean (NO/UK/USA)

Is an interdisciplinary performer, choreographer, somatic practitioner, and teacher between the fields of dance/design/theatre for over 20 years. She is a PhD research fellow at Oslo National Academy of the Arts - designing Somatic Costumes that bring awareness to bodies and awaken the poetic. www.sallyedean.com

Fredrik Petrov (NO)

Dance artist, choreographer, and musician. „In my ways of working with art, I strive towards reaching a sense of authenticity.“

Jonathan Ibsen ( DK )

Danish dance artist & choreographer living in Norway. „As an artist I am greatly inspired by the body's limits and extremities and what possibilities that lie beyond these limitations.“

Temporary Collective is an independent platform that creates productions and projects of various genres and themes. Temporary Collective is a live platform with a wide range of other collaborators. www.temporarycollective.cz.