Spitfire Company / Miřenka Čechová & Markéta Vacovská

Petr Boháč is a director, scenographer, expert on Czech literature, occasional painter and a passionate poker player. His home ensemble, the Spitfire Company, that he co-founded with his wife Miřenka Cechova, is based in Prague with an overlap into international context. His work as a director has been seen in more than 20 countries, including Japan, China, South Korea, USA, Israel, South Africa or Norway. Some of his work has received international as well as domestic awards such as The Herald Angel Award, Aerowaves Priority Companies 2014, Theatre newspaper award, Next Waves festival award or Czech dance platform award. At the moment, he is a dramaturgist at the Palác Akropolis Theater focusing on cross-over projects, genres of new circus and experiment theater. He is also the arts director of the international festival Nultý bod (Zero point) taking place in Prague every July. His poetics is based on exploring untested dramatic methods, transgressive impulses and topics resonating in society? The main purpose of this exploration is the necessity to overstep boundaries and break the rules that humans constantly place on themselves.

Miřenka Čechová is a Czech performer, choreographer, director and scholar. She achieved a Ph.D in Physical Theater Direction from the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She has established a strong international reputation particularly for her solo works, in which she also serves as playwright and director. Ms. Cechova received a Fulbright scholarship to teach and research in the USA. As a director and choreographer, she has contributed to more than 25 productions: Miss Amerika (2018), Konec člověka. Doba z druhé ruky (2018), Fragmenty milostných obrazů (2017), Opera and the French Revolution (2016, director) for Opera Lafayette at Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC and Rose Hall at Lincoln Center in New York, Lessons of Touch (2015, concept, director), Sniper's Lake (2015, director, choreographer, in coproduction with Norway’s Baerum Kulturhus), FAiTH (2014, concept, director, choreography and performer) on residence at Atlas performing Arts Center in Washington DC, Prawns a la Indigo (2013, director), S/He is Nancy Joe (2012, concept, choreographer and performer) and others.

Markéta Vacovská is a Czech performer and choreographer. Graduated from the Academy of Music Arts in Prague - majored in pantomime. With the Spitfire company, she cooperated on projects such as: Constellations I., One Step Before the Fall, Bad Clowns, Procesy 10/48/7830, Nedotknutelní (Untouchables), Krevety á la Indigo (Prawns á la Indigo) etc. In 2013, she received the Dancer of the year award for One Step Before the Fall and Divadelní noviny (Theatre newspaper) award for choreography and dancing. The performance was included in the TOP20 at the European dance platform Aerowaves 2014.

Martin Tvrdý is known from his solo projects as a rapper Bonus, but also as a producer of minimalistic electronics. He received several awards for his work, including the Apollo or Anděl. In recent years, he has worked on scenic music and sound design for film, theater or even virtual reality. Besides the Spitfire company, he also cooperates with the National Theater, Český rozhlas (Czech public radio), the Vosto5 theater and many others. Together with Mary C, he started an educational platform called Kreaton, he has organized many music workshops and is the author of the Play table concept which makes creating music more accessible to children and the public. Currently, he is cooperating on the _ZVUK_ which supports education and creative dialogue and realization of electronic music projects and sound art. In his second life, he is also a graphic designer in the Carton collective