Geometry // SHAPƎ


Adéla Kašparová


30 min


For sale!


Michaela Dzurovčínová


35 min




Ester Trčková


30 min

Adéla KašparováGeometry // SHAPƎ












Passion for community. Passion for the feeling I belong somewhere. The forms of street dance are diverse, they have their specifics, their attributes and their characters. It is important to stay yourself and to enjoy the support of others.


Michaela Dzurovčínová: For sale!

Dance performance inspired by interviews with women, who do the oldest profession in the world. Female prostitution through prostitutes eyes, their personal experiences, feelings and thoughts. When the quick money become an addiction and change into life in fear, loneliness and misunderstanding.

“Why did you decided to do prostitution, be part of erotic and sex industry?

… financial side of course… and when “the” unwanted was over, it didn’t really matter who will be next…


What would you want to say to people, who don’t understand your job?

… that I understand that they don’t understand… and it’s okay…  there is a cliche - you will understand when you experience…


With regards and with respect,

One of them.”


Ester Trčková: ÍTSĚTŠTĚSTÍ // The Miners

Bad things happen. Good things come to those who wait. A new broom sweeps clean. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Lucky in cards, unlucky in love. Fortune favors the bold. One finds what one looks for. It could be up, down, on the tree, on the street, under the bed, inside the closet, in the purse, or inside of you. Why do we keep looking for it and still cannot find it?

“My grandma always tells me that the most important thing is to have a tank top in the winter. She also use to say that everything will come to the right end. Moreover, my second grandma says that she was really happy when she was young and had her whole life in front of her."

A performance about happiness and the good life wisdom that helps us to find it.

P. S. Do you have your tank top?