Concept, Direction & Production

MovementTouch (Bitterová & Biscoe)


Jana Bitterová ve spolupráci s performery

Visual Art, Scenography and Technology

Studio Biscoe


Helena Šťávová Ratajová, Roman Zotov-Mikshin


George De Decker


Studio Biscoe


Jana Bitterová

Software Assistant

Aleš Zemene


26. září 2018 v Uffo – Trutnov & Moving Station – Plzeň

The performance in 2019 is supported by Ministry of Culture Czech Republic and the State
Cultural Fund CR.

The performance was created with support of

Nadace Život umělce; Město Trutnov; Královéhradecký kraj; Plzeňský kraj; Kinonekino – Město PlanáUFFO – společenské centrum TrutnovaMoving Station, Plzeň.



45 min. 

In the world inhabited by physically present, remote and virtual actors, who is The Real One?

What is happening at the very moment when you are watching the performance? Do the simultaneous events influence each other?

A multimedia performance which connects events in two distant locations into a unified audience experience. 247 kilometres apart, The Ponec theatre in Prague and Theatre K3 in Olomouc become one stage. A fusion of contemporary dance, music and the latest technologies presents a unique genre of Networked Performance across the Czech regions.

The performance investigates the relationship of the observer to the performers transmitted through media, the altering of the attention from the physically present action to the screens and back. It questions what creates our reality and how many layers it has.

The space of the performance extends beyond the boundaries of the theatre, it reaches into the other participating locations, all that lays between Prague and Olomouc. A unified and diverse stage emerges, composed of geographically distant places and virtual words; the place of meeting, confrontation and imagination.

Networked Performance combines performing arts, in this case mainly contemporary dance, with original scenographic and dramaturgic solutions, creating a piece composed of geographically distributed simultaneous events. The authors use the newest IT technologies to allow connection of several locations with minimal delay; fractions of a second. 


After the performance there will be moderated discussion


Photo: Ian Biscoe
Photo: Michal Hančovský
Photo: Michal Hančovský
Photo: Michal Hančovský
Photo: Michal Hančovský