Idea, choreography

Michal Záhora

Creation, dance

Jitka Čechová, Michal Heriban, Sára Koluchová, Tereza Krejčová, Nikola Němcová, Roman Zotov

Artistic consultation

Kateřina Stupecká


Zuzana Kubíčková


Carlo Natoli /IT/

Light design

Prokop Vondruška, Robert Štěpánek

Project curator, production

Honza Malík & Pulsar z.s./association


Tanec Praha/Ponec-divadlo pro tanec, Johan z.s. / Moving Station, Plzeň

Supported by

Hl.m. Praha, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Studio ALTA, Konzervatoř Duncan centre, Balada SITE

Thanks to

Vít Štajf, Vojta Brtnický, Lenka Jíšová, Roman Černík, Petra Štěpánová, Petr Beránek, PhDr. Romana Lisnerová, Kateřina Stupecká, Jakub Vrbík, Andrea Lamešová, Braňo Bašista, Marek Menšík, Jan Komárek



World premiere

19.3. 2017 PONEC - divadlo pro tanec, Praha


A human being as the most complicated and complex creation in the universe. We are cosmic runners, our bodies are created from stardust. Our source is still alive and vibrant, a cosmic lighthouse, the place from which we originally sprang – Pulsar.


"There are works of art which ooze emotion and physicality that is almost palpable. Pulsar by Michal Záhora is different. Metaphysical. Analytic. Intangible. It has the character of a meditation, does not hit you in the heart, but mesmerizes your mind so that you leave the theatre with a strange feeling of lightness of being." D. Machová,, 22 March 2017

"White on black has a mysterious symbolism in and of itself. The visual aspect of the scene is processed in costume and light design, supplemented and supported by ambient music created just like in Záhora's past works directly for the choreography. The long creative collaboration of Záhora and Natoli is undoubtedly evaluated in the mutual interconnectedness of music, movement and ideas as a great exchange of the final outcome, whose mission certainly goes beyond the borders of a regular dance production born from the conventions of artistic theatrical production." Z. Smugalová, Opera plus, 22 March 2017 

"The five dancers are on the same wavelength, so their concentration, cooperation and energy create an emotionally powerful impression. No doubt this is also thanks to the excellent synchronization of all the components, whether light design, music or sound." J. Soprová,, 3 April 2017

Inerview with Jitka Čechová:

Interview with Roman Zotov-Mikshin:


Interview with Nikola Němcová:


Rozhovor s Nikolou Němcovou from Tanec Praha on Vimeo.


( Foto: Vojtěch Brtnický)
( Foto: Vojtěch Brtnický)