POCKETART / Jaro Viňarský & collective


POCKETART is a team of creators working in the field of contemporary dance and physical theater under the direction of the choreographers Johana Pocková and Sabina Bočková. As part of its projects, the team brings together artists from the fields of dance, music, scenography, fine arts, and light design.


The work of the team is characterized by tackling topics that go beyond the personal experience of the individual and touch upon societal issues such as manipulation through media, global environmental threats, stress in a competitive environment, or the position of an individual in the corporate work system. For each of their works, they always look for a new stylization of physical expression unique to the topic at hand, creating dance images from specific body references. Through their distinctive poetics, visual purity and strong original music, the performances aim to give birth to a spiritual experience, compelling the audience to reflect on our society.