Natálie Vacková

dramaturgical consultation:

Jana Stárková, Jakub Vaverka

professional consultation:

Mgr. Jan Kodet, MgA. Bohumíra Eliášová, Ph.D.


Alžběta Uhlíková

sound design:

Ondřej Rozum, Anna Kolářová

light design:

Filip Horn


Eliška Dědečková


Vanda Hejnová, Jana Maroušková, Anna Kroupová, Josef Veselý


40-45 min 


Anna Benháková


Adrian Šírek


Dočasná Company z.s., Tanec Praha z. ú. / PONEC - divadlo pro tanec, KD Mlejn o.p.s.

with financial support of:

Ministerstvo kultury České Republiky, Akademie múzických
umění v Praze, Hudební a taneční fakulta HAMU, Bazaar festival

“I'm an indirect part of the space,
where we all are
and I flow in the hands of the whole
of the order.
I'm heading forward
I can feel the gap between my fingers
I can't hold it anymore.
How much longer?
Will the future keep changing?
How will it end?”


The production deals with the newly defined designation of the contemporary era "Anthropocene". We are looking at a period when humanity's activities have been globally affecting and overloading the Earth's ecosystem for a long time. This topical, not only environmental, issue fundamentally affects our generation and finds the boundary between the past and the future on this planet. We ask ourselves how to talk about this topic when it is so difficult to even acknowledge it. What does the Anthropocene mean? What feelings does it evoke in us? Uncertainty? Guilt? Powerlessness? Fear or indifference? Our land we plant or is it otherwise? Our land we planned? Our land is plain?

Inspiration comes from the book Anthropocene in which the authors design the term as "A world teetering on the edge of ecological crisis betrays the devastating way we are present in the world and the denaturing nature of the culture that was supposed to cultivate life and nature." - POKORNÝ, STORCH a kol.: Antropocén


Foto: Anna Benháková
Photo: Anna Benháková
Photo: Adrian Šírek
Photo: Adrian Šírek