Every Sunday in our online theatre you can watch a recording of a performance, film or other creative contribution from artists who create movement art for children. You can find current information on this website or on our Facebook page.
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  • Do you miss the theatre? Join an adventurous journey through physical theatre for the whole family together with the authors of The Cat On Sunday afternoon! We will publish a recording of the performance on 3rd May at 4:00 pm and it will be online for 3 days so that you can choose the best time for home theatre. 

If you want to see the movie in full screen mode, please open it in new window HERE and then click on the icon in the right corner at the bottom. 

The performance is open to everyone for free, but if you would like to support artists working at the PONEC theatre, you will be very pleased. You can support artists on donor platforms → DONIO  or → DARUJME
We really appreciate all the support and thank you! 


  • Do you like playing together? Unleash your imagination and play the board/non-board game Become Dance! The game was created by Bára Látalová and Lucia Račková for RAKETA magazine; you can download it HERE.


  • Having trouble with math? Practice number series and connect the dots to discover what performances we are playing at PONEC. Printable connect the dot puzzles can be downloaded here: firstsecond and third