For children between 7 - 15 years.


Mirka Eliášová

Electroacoustic music, music-movement interaction

Jiří Jakl

Interactive videoprojection, light design

Vladimír Burian


Jana Novorytová, Veronika Šimková/Lenka Bartůňková, Lucie Charouzová, Jan Bárta

Music – bass guitare

George Cremaschi

Dramaturgical co-operatio

Jelte van Andel


Zuzana Hořavová



Supported by

MKČR, Magistrát hl. města Prahy, HTSpE, Taneční aktuality, ZEBRA


1.6.2016, PONEC – divadlo pro tanec


50 min.


„Calendars and clocks exist to measure time, but that signifies little because we all know that an hour can seem an eternity or pass in a flash, according to how we spend it.“

Time and how we experience it. Dancers and children together seek its actualization, slowing, stopping or return. Interactive media and personal physical contact of the audience with the events on the stage. A unique performance is inspired by Michael Ende‘s novel Momo.


Mirka Eliášová, choreographer: We took from the story mainly the sense of time described in it. It was interesting for us how people create a system in which they move, and which gives them obstacles and boundaries. The story tells of boundaries and the possibilities of freedom. We all have Momo, the Men in Grey or Tortoise within us and their strength and slowness.

(Interview for Czech Radio Vltava)

Momo is also an invitation to the fascinating world of new technologies – a significant role is played by a device that captures the movement of a dancer and transforms it into a sound or light projection that we can influence by our movement... The choreographer and performers succeeded in creating a world in which clear rules are established, but which is also open to what the audience brings to it.

Karolína Kalinová, Pam Pam 2/2016