Yvona Kreuzmannová (Tanec Praha) initiated a meeting of five representatives of dance, non-verbal art and new circus with the Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek to shed light on the crisis in the field in terms of rehearsal space and conditions for creative work, while highlighting significant achievements and the dynamic increase in international recognition since the 1990s.


The Minister thus initiated a long-awaited constructive dialogue with the independent scene. His department is preparing broader roundtables on the issue, which is very welcomed by the professional public. It also sees the importance of investing in cultural infrastructure both in the regions and in line with the specific needs of the industry in Prague. In this respect, he was intrigued by the Dance House project, which was the initial impulse for this meeting, and promised to continue to pay attention to it.

All participants, i.e. not only Yvona Kreuzmannová and Markéta Perroud (Tanec Praha), but also Lúcia Kašiarová (Alta), Šárka Maršíková (Cirqueon) and Petr Boháč (Spitfire Company), appreciate the openness and interest of the Minister in the real functioning of the independent scene and look forward to further cooperation.


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