F*cking Beautiful Spring

Spitfire Company

Theme, scenography, direction:

Petr Boháč

choreography, performance:

Markéta Jandová

sound design:

Martin Hůla 

binaurální mix:

Martin Hůla 

light design:

Jiří Šmirk

dance collaboration:

Adéla Kašparová


Kateřina Jirmanová


Veronika Ilíková

project manager:

Barbora Fajfr Repická

Special thanks:

Audiolight service s.r.o. 


Tanec praha z.ú. / PONEC - dance venue, Palác Akropolis - Spectaculare 

Supported by:

City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic

The City of Prague supported Spitfire Company projects in 2021-2023 with a multiyear grant of CZK 1,700,000 per year.


18.3. 2023, PONEC - dance venue


45 min




The project was implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.​

Inspired by endless listening to the oratorio El Niño by American composer John Adams, the rap verses of Kae Tempest and the musical ritual of the Shortparis group from the Saint Petersburg underground.


The story actually happened and has survived among people through storytelling. It is a story about birth, a body within a body, a screaming whisper, and sounds shaping space. This story was born while listening to music about a young Mary and her child. It is a story about the circles that must be crossed to rediscover oneself.


A sixteen-year-old girl opens the bathroom. She opens a box containing a pregnancy test. Inhale. And a descent into the depths of her own loneliness. The circle of depth. Exhale. The girl returns to the living room. The circle of a spinning room. Exhale. Whispers on the ground: of rustling, of soft things, of spasms and contractions. The circle of running. From herself to nowhere. The circle of friendship. Descent into the purgatory of the subway. Staying in a circle with an undefeatable beast. Escalators. The sun has finally touched the girl's hair. The circle of spring. Ritual. The circle of consecration.


The performance is accompanied by binaural effect, which throws the viewer into the center of the spatial perception of sound and music, with the help of two moving Robe Esprite lights that “dance” together with Markéta Jandová.


The performance will also include text in the Czech language, the English translation of which can be found in the program.



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Photo: Jakub Hrab
Photo: Jakub Hrab
Photo: Jakub Hrab