David Králík


David Králík, DiS. graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory (2021). He studied contemporary dance for half a year at the University of Stavanger in Norway, which led him to study with David Zambrano. He works in the field of contemporary dance and dance theatre as a performer, choreographer and dance instructor. He is a long-term member of the Light Dance Studio, which focuses on professional dance-theatre work for children's audiences. As part of the SPOLK group he is engaged in the creation of original dance pieces (e.g. the stageproduction and short dance film Excuse Me!, the production The Miners). As a performer, he recently collaborated, for example, on the choreography of Věra Ondrašíková –Witness (audience award of the Czech Dance Platform 2022), Marta Vodenková – Seven Deadly Sins(Prague State Opera), Pulsar + SPOLK - Absolutely Unacceptable vol. II, and others.