Open process


Věra Ondrašíková 

Choreographic collaboration:

Daniel Iemolo 


Marta Ljubková 


Filip Míšek

Light design:

Pavel Kotlík


Nicole Collins, Matěj Bělohlávek, Krištof Pehar, Nikola Budajová, Marie Motýlová, Ema Stulíková, Jakub Kuželka


50 min






The project was implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.​

A unique evening offering a look into the preparations for a new dance project by Věra Ondrašíková & coll. Not merely a demonstration, it is a meeting and an open discussion on the topic of communication between children and adolescents. How do they communicate with each other? Who do they confide in? And should they confide in anyone at all? And why are parents often among the last people they turn to? These are only some of the questions that the topic opens up. The evening is therefore intended for all children, teenagers, parents, future parents and experts, but also for those who want to better understand their inner child.


Peer under the glass lid of the Clouds project and explore with us a fragile topic that will strengthen everyone. The preview of the newly prepared production will be followed by a discussion about the fragility of the human mind and the influence of communication on children and adolescents. On the shared stage, you will meet choreographer Věra Ondrašíková, dramaturg Marta Ljubková, musician Filip Míšek and lighting designer Pavel Kotlík. The discussion will be moderated by Daniela Voráčková.


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