Barbora Ptáčková


Barbora Ptáčková graduated from Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague (2021). During her studies, she went on a six-month internship at University of Malta. Her interests lie in contemporary work and interpretation of dance projects. She cooperates for example with Manus.Art.Collective or Pulsar association (the Unestablished Project). She participated as an interpreter in recreation of Sasha Waltz’s work Kreatur, Island de Forma and Žen-schon (choreographed by Marta Trpišovská) or Celebration (choreographed by Michal Záhora). In her own work, she is interested in connecting individual artistic disciplines, particularly dance and fine arts.

Pulsar z. s. (2016) provides a platform for the creation of works in the field of dance and continuously works with clearly defined dramaturgy. M. Záhora's work deals with the search for dance expression in connection with socio-historical themes (Concert for NI, Anniversary, Celebration – one hundred years of Czech statehood, Generation X – 30 years since the revolution, The End's Turnabout – the question of a common Europe). His manager and producer H. Malík, together with dramaturge T. Krčálová, are engaged in artistic direction. Together they create the background for broader creative work (the experimental duet dis pla y, the outdoor performance Absolutely Unacceptable! part I. and prt. II.) and discussion with associated activities (the meeting Catch Reality! 1-6, conference on 30 years of dance Next Promises, the online miniseries Dance Through the Camera's Eye, the discussion series Choreographer in the Ring, the art & therapy project Provoke (with) Dance!, and the interdisciplinary conference The Role of the Artist Today).