Michal Záhora

Concept, choreography, directed

Michal Záhora 

Creation, performed

Josef Bartoš, Anna Línová, Zuzana Richterová, Michaela Suša 


Marta Ljubková

Co-operation with choreography

Honza Malík, Jana Vaníčková


Carlo Natoli


Zuzana Kubíčková

Stage design

Peter Smetáček, Michal Záhora

Light design

Robert Štěpánek, Michal Záhora


Lukáš Benda


Honza Malík & Pulsar z.s


Karolína Šnajdrová


TANEC PRAHA /PONEC-divadlo pro tanec, Praha; K-klub, Jičín

Created with a financial contribution

Hl.m.Praha, MK ČR, město Jičín City

Supported by

Studio ALTA, Studio Dance Perfect, Czech Tourism-Společné století, Balada SITE

World premiere

28.+ 30.10. 2018, PONEC - divadlo pro tanec, Praha


7.11. 2018, Masarykovo divadlo, Jičín, 13.11. 2018 Moving Station, Plzeň ; 23.11. 2018 Roškotovo divadlo, Ústí n. O. ; 4.12. 2018 PONEC-divadlo pro tanec, Praha


50 min



Thanks to

Yvona Kreuzmannová and Markéta Perroud, technical and production team Ponec dance venue, Lucia Kašiarová and Studio ALTA, Lenka Ottová and Studio Dance Perfect, Lenka Vacková and K-klub in Jičín, Marie Faruzelová, Záhora, Jan Szucs, Jana Baladová, Jakub Vrbík, Ondřej Kačer, Simon Todorov, Václav Hejduk, Jirka Jiráček, Vojta Brtnický, Zdeněk Vejvoda, Zuzana Rejchová, Evženie Brabcová, Kateřina Stupecká, Nora Sopková.

Záhora's choreographic work has been developing since 2005, when he made his debut with the remarkable duet Synchronicity. His artistic direction, which was clear from the beginning, led to the pieces ResonanceOrbis pictusDiptychDevoidPulsarConcert for NI and Celebration, last year enriched by his focus on various and exceptional topics related to the 100th anniversary of Czech statehood. But in Anniversary too, the theme and centrepiece is humanity.

Pulsar is an opportunity to collaborate with the emerging dance generation. Anniversary, on the other hand, was co-created by dance artists with many years of dance as well as life experience. Take a look at two completely different performance concepts next to each other.


How to dance away a hundred years without going crazy? A dance kaleidoscope from the history of a man which may – but doesn´t have to – recall the present anniversary of the Czech State. Four different dancers, four different bodies, four characters and a number of familiar moments. History in movement, dance as a record of individual and collective memory.

Michal Záhora´s latest production, born from the desire to celebrate the foundation of Czechoslovakia, its 100th anniversary.


"…The anniversary cannot be deprived of the certainty with which he succeeded in capturing and incarnating the absurdity inextricably linked with years past…" Zuzana Rafajová, 1.11.2018,

"…Záhora reached for humour, which is not typical of him. He ironically depicted the absurdity of the era (…) A work was created that is definitely worth talking about…" Jana Návratová, 5.11.2018,