CReative residency of Anna Réty in Prague

Anna Réti is one of the chosen artists who could develop their work with local audience and spectators thanks to European project  "Be SpectACTive"
Creative residency in Prague 23.- 29.10. 2017 is the first stop and the second residency is in Sansepolcro

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Becoming a parent: the world has turned upside down.
How does a child change your life and your personality and your relationship with others?
‘Life in progress’ is a research and piece for adults about children and adults, about all that is there or there isn’t between them.
We are not interested in the issues of how you should bring up your child, instead we are curious about what happens to your personality when you become a parent.

We are interested in how we see the world different with and because of our child, how this changes our relationships with others.

Developing during creative residencies in Prague and Sansepolcro.

The people behind the research:
Anna Réti Hungarian dancer, choreographer, mother of two children
( )
Márton Debrezceni Hungarian performer, director, father of two children
Mihály Lukács Hungarian video artist Máté Lukács Hungarian video artist

Realized in the framework of the European project “Be SpecACTive!” - CapoTrave/Kilowatt Sansepolcro (It), Bakelit Multi Art Center Budapest (Hu), Domino Zagreb (Hr), LIFT London (Uk), Tanec Praha (Cz), Teatrul National Radu Stanca Sibiu (Ro), York Theatre Royal (Uk)".
Creative Europe.

Other partners:
Katlan Group (production partner)
Ministry of Human Capacities Hungary
SIN Cultural Center (production manager)

Tanec Praha